In America, today we are seeing a rise of luxury housing. When before, the only times you’d see luxury housing were mansions up on a hill, or a single penthouse floor at the top of an apartment building, now, luxury real estate is exploding. Companies are realizing that everyday Americans are also willing to pay top dollar for a home that truly accommodates their needs, and so now, luxury homes are more accessible than ever before. In fact, the majority of new condominiums being built are considered luxury condominiums. But what exactly separates “luxury” condominiums from regular ones?


While real estate agents somewhat differ on where exactly the price point is, but it’s generally accepted that most homes in the range above a million dollars qualify as luxury homes. Price alone isn’t enough of an indicator to say, though. It’s really the quality of the home that determines luxury, but for the most part, luxury condominiums cost more than regular ones.


Another strong indicator of luxury is where the condominium is located. Condos on the Upper East Side with park views are generally going to be considered far more luxurious than the same exact condo looking out at a back alley. If you want to live in the best place possible, with the most access to the places you want and the most beautiful views, you’ll need to look at luxury condos.


Oftentimes, condominiums might have a small pool, or a single weight room you can work out in. In luxury condominiums, those amenities are much better. An Olympic sized pool to do laps in, with a hot tub besides, and a steam room. A fully outfitted gym with multiple weight sets and workout machines. Oftentimes something like squash or tennis courts. You’re not just buying the condo, you’re buying everything you can do there.


Regular condominium security is often cameras, floodlights, and alarms. When you live in a luxury condo, then your security is much more present, in the form of security guards. In urban settings, you will have a doorman, who checks on everyone who comes in the building. In the suburbs, you’ll have a gate attendant, who will only let residents and their guests pass.

Living in a luxury condo is as much like a regular condo as a penthouse is similar to an apartment. The level of comfort, security, and care afforded to you simply don’t compare. If you want the best in housing, consider luxury condos. For more information, visit 252 East 57th.

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