In a septic tank system, the solid waste that goes down your drains will settle at the bottom of the septic tank. The fats and oils will rise to the top, and the middle layer will be wastewater, which is often called gray water. This system is supposed to drain underground. Over time, solid waste can build up to a point that it actually blocks the pipe that drains the gray water. If this happens, your sewage will start to back up, most likely into your yard or into your house. To avoid such problems, you need a septic cleaning from time to time, which will empty the tank and clean the pipes to ensure that everything is functioning smoothly.

Tank Size

An average sized septic tank is about 1500 gallons. If you have a typical family of four, it you will need a septic cleaning in Allentown, PA about every four years. Some people have smaller or larger septic tanks for different reasons. One general rule of thumb is that a person will consume about 100 gallons of the septic tank per year.

So if you have a 1000 gallon tank and five people in the house, you’ll need septic tank service in Allentown, PA about every two years. Such an estimate is not a perfect metric, but it will give you some idea.


The function of your family is also important. For example, if you have teenagers who eat and shower more, they can create more waste than a toddler would. The family of four model is based on averages. At your next septic cleaning, you should ask the professional about the different needs of different families.

These experts will be able to give you a better idea of how often you need to have your septic tank cleaned. Make sure you take note of when you have it cleaned and how long you should wait.

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