How Periodontal Treatment in Chicago Can Fight Gingivitis

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Dentistry

If it has been more than six months since a person has seen their dentist, it would be in their best interest to make an appointment for an examination and cleaning. Why are routine cleanings so important? It all comes down to ensuring optimal oral health. Continue reading to learn about Periodontal Treatment in Chicago.

Gingivitis is a bacterial infection of the gums. The main symptoms of gingivitis are redness, swelling, and bleeding of the gums. Gingivitis does not hurt, so people are often unaware that their gums are infected. Tartar is an important irritant to the gums. Tartar is hard and is composed of calcium that is accumulated around under the gum. Brushing and flossing will not get rid of tartar, but it will limit its formation and help treat gingivitis. Rinsing your mouth out with mouthwash can also help reduce gingivitis.

Many people seek out Periodontal Treatments in Chicago because they have bleeding gums. They have either gingivitis or periodontitis. Gingivitis is a bacterial infection of the gums. The reaction of the gums to protect itself from this infection is to dilate the blood vessels to better allow the white blood cells to fight the infection. Dilated blood vessels are more fragile, though. A simple touch of the gum is enough to make it bleed. Periodontitis is the aggravation of untreated gingivitis, and the subsequent inflammation can damage the bone that supports the teeth.

Bleeding gums is a sign of a lack of hygiene. It is, therefore, necessary to double your cleaning efforts. Brush better, longer, and floss at least once a day. It should be noted that tartar produces the same type of irritation on a person’s gum. Only the hygienist and the dentist are able to remove tartar. If your last dental clean-up is 1 year or less and you have excellent oral hygiene but still experience bleeding gums, it is possible that another medical problem is present. These problems can range from anemia and diabetes to leukemia and AIDS. There are also other factors that can contribute to gingivitis: tobacco, pregnancy, menopause, and interactions with other medications. The general recommendation for a dental cleaning is every 6 months. To learn more about Periodontal Treatments Contact Windy City Family Dental or call on (312) 236-8065

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