When Naperville homeowners decide to make exterior home improvements, they often begin by replacing windows. Professional window replacements in Naperville IL provide owners with excellent returns on their investments. Clients depend on area specialists like EDI Exterior Designers Inc to provide a range of energy-efficient windows that instantly increase curb appeal. Exterior contractors can also modify window openings, to create entirely new views from inside homes.

Homeowners Can Change Views

Window replacements in Naperville IL give customers a chance to alter homes’ appearances by changing window sizes and types. Many owners enlarge windows to take advantage of the outdoor beauty and features like mountains or gardens. Exterior designers can help clients decide on new configurations. For example, owners may remove several small windows and install one huge picture or bay window. Contractors can even alter windows on vintage properties without sacrificing the buildings’ original charm and architectural styles.

New Windows Reduce Energy Use

Clients may have windows professionally upgraded to make homes more energy efficient. Original windows often allow heated and cooled indoor air to escape and drive up utility bills. Many old windows are improperly fitted and can let the cold seep in and chill rooms. In contrast, many new window styles are designed to conserve energy. Homeowners may choose double or triple-paned models or products with insulating argon gas between panes. Some glass also filters the sun’s UV rays, which keeps rooms comfortable while reducing energy use. Companies like Pella even sell windows made for specific climates.

Replacement Windows Add Beauty and Value

Homes get instant facelifts when owners exchange old windows for modern versions. New windows also add value and offer as much as much as a 70% return on investment. Some homeowners recreate the look of original windows but choose replacements made using materials like vinyl or fiberglass. Manufacturers offer a wide range of vinyl windows that replicate the look of natural materials like wood but are much easier to care for. There are also elegant styles that have wood interiors but low-maintenance, affordable fiberglass exteriors.

Window replacement is a common home improvement project because it instantly increases property values and curbs appeal. Homeowners also replace windows to make homes more energy efficient or take advantage of beautiful views.

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