In the year 2014, deforestation in the Amazon region was found to have been picking up the pace. Some data suggest that deforestation rose by one hundred and ninety percent versus the previous year. This is becoming a serious issue. While it may not seem like a significant change, switching to an air hand dryer can make a difference.

Societies and governments all around the world are using more paper than ever before. Even though it’s now possible to do much business electronically, few businesses have adopted many of the newest technologies that could remove much of their paper needs. Inside of offices all around the world, thousands of unnecessary memos, calendars, and spreadsheets are printed out on a daily basis, even though the technology exists to send these documents electronically in an instant.

It’s not just corporations and government agencies that are causing these problems, however. The human population is ever-increasing. More and more homes need to be built every year, natural disasters are destroying existing homes, and more cultures than ever before are now using trees to fill these needs. If something doesn’t change, the pace at which we consume this vital resource is only going to grow at a more rapid pace.

Reduce Deforestation

Although the trees that are used to create the paper towels that might be used in your business probably weren’t taken from the Amazon, it’s important that we start taking steps to reduce the destroying of forests all over the world. These forests are not only beautiful, but this plant life is also necessary for this planet’s survival.

Increase Oxygen Creation

This planet is in a delicate balance. Balancing levels of many different chemicals and gases in our atmosphere is necessary for life to be able to thrive. Other planets in our solar system are thought to have once been very hospitable places. Now, the planet Venus, a victim of what’s called the runaway greenhouse effect, is a poisonous place. The planet is extremely hot and dangerous, ultimately, because of an imbalance in the gases in its atmosphere. This could, in theory, happen to our planet too, if we don’t take charge and protect it.

Reduce Ozone Depletion

The aforementioned delicate chemical balance has already been affected in a very negative way. The release of certain chemicals into our atmosphere has resulted in giant holes in our atmosphere. In the past, the ozone layer protected the entire planet from cancerous rays. It’s believed that reducing oxygen production can make this problem worse.

Reduce Global Warming

Many studies have been able to conclusively prove that our planet is getting warmer. Year over year, the average global temperature is steadily inclining. This is thought to be caused by an imbalance in our atmosphere. Carbon levels are believed to be higher than ever before in earth’s history while oxygen production is at an all-time low.

As individuals, there’s very little that we can do. Businesses, on the other hand, can do a lot to fix this ever-growing problem. In addition to reducing office paper needs, switching to an air hand dryer can dramatically reduce the amount of paper a business uses. Could your business switch to an air hand dryer?

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