With the steep prices of new cars, and the tight budget limits of most individuals, more people are choosing to purchase used vehicles. This can be an excellent way for individuals to get the car that they need without struggling with new car payments or high purchase prices. There are some problems that consumers never imagine when buying an expensive item from a stranger. Countless used car buyers are duped when their vehicles quickly begin to malfunction or break down completely soon after the sale is final. Fortunately, there are lemon law lawyers able to fight for their client’s rights under the law.

These so-called “lemon laws” do differ from state to state. These laws were made to protect both the buyer and the seller of a used car. The details for this sort of legal case is better left to a professional lemon law lawyer that has the experience and background necessary for winning these types of cases. There is a time limit that needs to be followed for the law to work in the buyer’s favor. Hiring a legal expert to file all of the required car repair documentation forms and other court-mandated paperwork is reason enough to call in the legal professionals.

A seasoned lemon law lawyer can also ensure that the client meets the criteria for filing a claim. There are repair requirements the car owner needs to adhere to before being eligible for any compensation. There are specific mechanics that must be used to repair whatever is broken. By law, there are some waiting periods that everyone must abide by. Having a used car that cannot be counted on is frustrating enough. Learn more about your state’s lemon law requirements by contacting Krohn & Moss Ltd. Consumer Law Center.

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