The cartoon stereotype of cats freaking out when their owners try to bathe them is actually not too far off the mark. While cats are known as incessant groomers, they do not particularly enjoy being hosed off or tossed into a bathtub like dogs do. Here are some expert tips on the best way to bathe a feline before bringing them into veterinarian hospital in Bowie for their appointment.

Cut Those Nails

The owner should plan on trimming the nails of the cat. Since the cat is more than likely going to get excited and anxious when bath time is nigh, this will lessen the damage which may be caused by the cat clawing at things or people. Do this at least a few hours before bath time but preferably it should be done a few days before.

Brush The Cat

This is a crucial step which should never be skipped. The action of brushing the cat helps to remove fur balls and tangles which naturally develop in the fur of the cat. The tangles will be very difficult and even painful to remove once the fur is wet. If there is another person present, the brushing can even take place at the same time as the nail trimming as a means of distraction.

Buy The Right Shampoo

Make sure to purchase shampoo that is meant for cats. This can be purchased at any pet supply store or a veterinarian clinic such as a veterinarian hospital in Bowie. Never use human shampoo to clean the cat as this can dry out their skin and even be toxic. Experts recommend not even using dog shampoo, only cat shampoo.

Feet First

Maintain control of the cat by dipping only the feet in at first. This will slowly acclimate them to the water. Remember to talk to the cat or anything else that is known to that specific cat calm. Stroking their fur often works as well. At no point should the cat ever be fought or wrestled with. This will only lead to more problems for future baths. If the cat is getting out of control, it is best to try again at a later date.

For more tips on how to best perform daily duties with a cat, or other pet, visit their website. The highly-trained and knowledgeable staff can offer a multitude of advice for the curious pet owner. Your furry friends deserve it!

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