A lawn can be a home’s crowning glory. This is the part of the┬áland covered with grass and other plants. Grass in Junction City KS serves to absorb water and keep the┬ásoil from drying out. It also helps prevent soil erosion and acts as a soil stabilizer. The aesthetic value of grass can significantly increase the value of a home. With the grass performing so many functions, it’s essential to keep it healthy and pleasing in appearance. Use the following guidelines for this task.

Soil contains a limited amount of nutrients Grass in Junction City KS needs to thrive. When weeds grow among grass, they can use these nutrients for their own growth. Instead of having these plants compete for nutrients, get rid of weeds. A few times a month, take the time to inspect your yard. During this time, pull weeds from the ground. Firmly grasp each weed at its lowest visible part next to the soil. Slightly angle the weed. With a quick tug, pull the weed out. This swift action will help ensure that the entire plant is pulled out, including its root. Since weeds thrive in acidic lawns, check the soil pH of your lawn in the winter. To increase the acidity level of your lawn, apply two ounces of limestone or chalk for every 10 to 15 square feet of soil.

Mowing your Grass in Junction City KS is a vital part of maintaining its health. No more than one-third of the grass should be cut when mowing. During the summer and spring, don’t cut your lawn lower than three inches. The taller grass will provide a shade for the soil to prevent it from drying out from exposure to the sun. Also, cutting grass too short will enable weeds to grow in greater abundance. Mow your lawn about once a week. Save the grass clipping to use as mulch. The nitrogen and other elements in grass clippings provide you with free material to enrich the soil.

Watering your Grass in Junction City KS properly is essential to its health. It’s advisable to water your grass during the hours of 6-10 AM. This will prevent wet grass from being scorched by sun during the hottest parts of the day. You can purchase a rain gauge to determine how much water your lawn needs. By using all these tips, you can maintain your lawn at optimal levels.

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