Exchanging currency is a common occurrence when traveling abroad. They can be found at different locations including independent stores, banks or at the airport. All places aren’t created equal, however, and you need to find who finds the best rate. If you plan ahead, you can find a convenient location for you.

Currency Exchange Research

Make sure you understand the currency process from start to finish. Generally speaking, you will give the currency exchange business an amount of money, and they will apply the conversion rate to give you an amount back of the foreign currency you require. Some currencies are worth more than other monies, so the exchange will not be equal.


When exchanging currency, if you can, exchange when your money is higher than the foreign currency. That way, you will get more out of the exchange if the situation was reversed.

If you are leaving for an international trip, try to exchange some of your money before you arrive at your destination. You never know what can happen once you make it onto foreign soil, so you want to stay prepared and know you have some padding should you need it. Once there, exchange the rest of your money once you find a place.

Exchange Safely

Make sure you find an establishment that is safe and reputable. If you have time, research the location online and seek out any reviews. Your findings should be majority positive, if not, keep searching. The area of the exchange store should also be researched. It should be in a good area, and in a public location. You should feel safe when you enter and exit the building.

When you enter, the staff should make you feel comfortable and welcome. If you have any questions for them, you should feel like you can ask them freely.

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