Locating a good cleaning service can take time. There are great places homeowners can go for house cleaning in Seattle, but they have to know where to look. With services ranging from business cleaning to home care, house cleaning in Seattle is offered in a range of qualities and styles.

Look for References

One of the first things homeowners and renters can do is ask for references from former clients. If the house cleaning company in Seattle is any good, they will be able to provide references from past projects. Larger cleaning services may have testimonials on their website, or online reviews of their services. If the homeowner plans to hire an individual housekeeper, they should ask for at least three references.

Compare Different Quotes

Although the quality of house cleaning in Seattle is the first priority, many homeowners will also want to compare prices. There may be some slight variations between cleaning services, but most will charge a very similar price. Homeowners can point out specific cleaning requirements, and see if the housekeeper is able to accommodate their request.

Check for Insurance, and Conduct Background Checks and Drug Testing

A housekeeper may be in the home unsupervised on occasion. Due to this, homeowners should ensure that their housekeeper, or the housekeeping service, performs drug testing on all applicants. In addition, a background check should be performed by the house cleaning service or the homeowner. By doing this, homeowners can ensure that only the most trustworthy people work in their homes.

Insurance coverage for housekeeping is normally in the form of a Certificate of Liability form. This insurance form indicates that damage or other issues are covered when the housekeeper is in the home.  To check for insurance, homeowners should call the insurance company, or obtain a photocopy of the proof of insurance.

Using a Cleaning Checklist

Nothing is worse than hiring a cleaning company with the expectation that they will do everything, and later realizing that they cannot. Before hiring the service, homeowners should comprise a list of the services that they expect. Making beds, doing dishes, finishing laundry or cleaning gutters may cost extra. At a minimum, they will charge more as the required number of hours will increase.

Who Provides the Supplies?

The last thing that homeowners should check is the products used by the cleaner or cleaning service. They should obtain this information in advance. Some companies may charge less, but they require the homeowner to furnish all of the products. Depending on what the homeowner requires, this could be a positive or negative when making a decision as to which cleaning service to use.

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