How to Hide Your Nose Piercing

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Shopping

Even though facial piercings in general are a more widely acceptable look in American culture, there are still some places and situations that wearing your nose piercing simply isn’t possible. Purchasing a retainer nose ring can be your best bet for situations where you may need to remove your piercing for an extended period of time, particularly during the healing process. It is during this process that removing your nose ring can mean that the hole closes up, even if you are only without your piercing for a matter of hours.

Reasons You May Need to Use a Nose Ring Retainer:

  • Interviewing For a New Job
  • Work Rules and Regulations
  • Medical Tests and Procedures
  • School Rules and Regulations
  • Certain Medical Conditions

Fly Under the Radar with a Nose Ring Retainer

Regardless of the reason you need to hide your nose piercing, it is good to take a look to see the different types offered for your use. While many retainers are made from various types of clear and flexible material like Bioflex, acrylic, or Pyrex some retainers do supply a small amount of color while still maintaining most of their translucence. There are also the types of hook to consider, if you are used to using one particular style you may want to stick with the same type of retainer simply for ease of use. When you need to go from stylish to corporate in a matter of minutes you don’t want to be struggling to get ready with a complicated nose piercing retainer.

Where to Find the Perfect Nose Ring Retainer

When you need a barely noticeable nose ring retainer it is wise to take the time to check them out online first. The styles and types available are endless, as opposed to being limited to what may or may not be offered at your local piercing shop. You can also compare prices from home, and if you’re lucky you may even find a promo code or two, making an already sweet deal that much sweeter

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