Framed glass shower doors are a great idea for people who want to give their houses a more contemporary interior look. Rather than installing a conventional wooden door, which will not last very long. Wood does not do very well with water, and since the shower area has a very high moisture content, it will not be long before the wood starts to shrink or swell unevenly. Glass shower doors offer privacy and security at a pretty affordable price. If you are looking to install glass shower doors in your bathrooms, here are a few tips to guide you.


Framed glass shower doors in Indianapolis, IN are available in two popular styles; bypass style and barn door style doors. The barn door style has a stationary panel and a sliding panel, and are available in a number of different configurations. The bypass door style has two sliding panels that can be opened from the left or the right. If you have limited shower space in the bathrooms, the sliding doors are a great option. The rollers are installed on the top track. The bottom track can be cleaned quite easily, so you do not have to worry about debris getting stuck in there. If you want framed shower doors for your bathrooms, you should schedule an appointment with a reputable home improvement company.

Fitting and Installation

Because the space available in each bathroom is usually different, the shower doors will have to be measured first before installation. The company will send a consultant to your home to measure the shower doors, and then have them fabricated accordingly. Once that is done, the framed glass shower doors will be fixed in the bathroom to prevent the water from splashing everywhere.

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