How to Maximize the Productivity and Durability of NJ Solar Panels

by | Aug 3, 2023 | solar energy

Solar power is an excellent alternative to other forms of energy like hydro-generated power. Solar energy’s advantages are that it is cost-effective and friendly to the environment. According to NJ solar panels, these are factors when buying and installing solar panels.

The Material Used to Build the Panel

The material used to make a solar panel will be very crucial. It will determine the efficiency of panels, with those made of monocrystalline being the most efficient. While some are relatively cheaper such as thin film solar panels, they require regular repairs and degrade faster.

Polycrystalline panels are the most environmentally friendly option. They are slightly cheaper than the monocrystalline panels but do not do well in hot temperatures above 27 degrees Celsius.

The Inverter to Use

Inverters monitor the performance and output of solar panels. NJ solar panels advise one to be keen on the type of inverter to use since it determines the panel output. Micro inverters are costly but have a longer lifespan than other inverters. They also keep working when a single panel breaks, unlike other inverters.

If one lives in areas receiving partial shades, power optimizers are the best option to increase the panels’ productivity. Central inverters are readily available and reliable since they can survive in harsh environments.

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