You’ve found a new dentist and scheduled your first appointment. It’s important to be prepared for a dentist appointment, but it can be hard to know what to do. The advice you get from your friends might not always be the best; many do the wrong things in fear of a lecture from the dentist. Here are some tips on how to prepare to see a Gold Coast Chicago dentist or dentist in another city.

Brush as You Normally Do

It might be tempting to go crazy with the floss and the mouthwash before a dentist appointment when in reality you’ve left them snug in your bathroom drawer for months. Dentists are typically smart people; they can tell when you change your dental hygiene routine just for an appointment.

Follow your normal hygiene routine before an appointment. That means if you only brush once a day, just brush once a day. The dentist needs to see your teeth as they are in your normal life so they can give you proper recommendations on how to better take care of them.

Arrive Early and Bring Necessary Documents

First appointments mean paperwork. Arrive early enough to complete it. Be sure to know your medical history and bring your insurance card. Make a list before you leave the house of any medications you take and any medical conditions you should notify the dentist about. Beforehand, try reaching out to your old dentist as well, so they can send your dental records to your new dentist.

Note Dental Problems

Try to be extra aware of your teeth in the weeks leading up to your appointment. Are you noticing any pain? What about sensitivity? If there is anything that seems off with your teeth, make sure to note it and tell the dentist about it in the appointment.

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