Of all of the potential projects a homeowner can do by themselves, installing cabinets is probably one of the easiest. Here are some tips on how to prepare the area before undertaking this most popular of DIY projects.


If one is simply replacing kitchen cabinets Port St. Lucie, Florida, the old ones may be used as a pattern to install the new ones. However, the homeowner may also design a new layout if that would suit their needs more. It is probably a good idea to visit the showroom or request brochures to see what is available from the cabinet company. This will give the homeowner a good idea as to what sizes are available, along with what finishes and hardware are available with each option. The desired product can be placed into the bid request, so the company knows exactly what the homeowner wants.

Gather Supplies

Before the cabinets arrive, make sure that all of the tools and supplies are on hand and ready to be used. After the supplies are gathered, it is time to remove the old kitchen cabinets Port St. Lucie, Florida. This may seem obvious but remember to empty the cabinets of all loose items before taking them off of the wall. It is far easier for cabinet removal when there are not household items tumbling about the interior of them. Emptying them of their contents will also make them lighter and easier to handle.

Painting Or Flooring

If the walls behind or around the cabinets are going to be repainted or if the floor is going to be redone, now is the time to do it. While it is not mandatory the flooring be finished before installing the new cabinets, in most cases, it is far more convenient than waiting until after they are installed.

If the homeowner is unsure where to buy beautiful new cabinets from, or if they do not want to install the cabinets themselves, no worries. A simple call to an experienced company such as Jay’s Floors And More Inc. will be the solution to that issue. A friendly team member will be able to ease the stress that may come with cabinet renovation.

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