There are a plethora of reasons why somebody may need to filter the water in their home. Whether it be for health reasons, to have cleaner water to bathe in or even just to protect the appliances which use water, they are all important to the homeowner. When preparing to Shop Water Filters in Henderson NV, the owner may want to know about the various methods used to filter the water. Here they are with a brief description of each method.


These types of filters remove larger particles of such things as sediment, dirt, and other contaminants like rust. When a multi-stage water filter is purchased, this is usually considered the first step in filtering the water.

Activated Carbon-

This type of filter works by chemically bonding with the contaminant. These are commonly used filters for when the homeowner wants to remove chlorine from the water. They are excellent at removing the smell and the taste of the chlorine. There are also more advanced carbon filters which are capable of removing mercury, a potentially dangerous heavy metal that contaminates some water based on geographic location.

Remove Osmosis-

This type of filtration forces the water through a special membrane which filters out anything larger than a molecule of water. Unfortunately, reverse osmosis cannot remove chlorine from the water, but it can remove other types of contaminants that carbon cannot such as bacteria, viruses, and lead. Since basic reverse osmosis filtering systems also remove beneficial minerals from the water, the homeowner may want to opt into purchasing a more advanced brand which is capable of restoring the minerals back into the water after the contaminants are removed.

Ion Exchange-

This is the type of filtration used when treating hard water. The calcium and magnesium ions found in hard water are removed and replaced with sodium ions, thus making the water soft and less harsh to use. This type of filtration is also capable of removing lead, chlorine, and various bacteria from the water.

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