Prom season is a very special time and every young lady wants to look her best. Here are a few helpful tips on selecting designer prom party dresses in Pittsburgh PA. Initially, prom dresses are expensive so the family needs to come up with a budget.

How To Get The Best Deal

Experts recommend buying a dress about six weeks before the event. This gives shoppers lots of time to look for bargains. There are many places to shop including online, department stores and bridal shops. Shop owners invite people to browse our website.

Prom dresses run a size smaller than what the tag says. Therefore, select the next size up. Alterations can cost a small fortune depending on who does the job. Usually, department stores and bridal shops have pricey alternation services.

Buy the dress and find an alterations shop on your own. Prom goers also need to budget for shoes, hair and accessories. Purchase shoes around the same time as the gown. If they are a first pair of high heels, practice walking in them for a couple of weeks.

How To Select The Perfect Dress

Shop online for Designer Prom Party Dresses in Pittsburgh PA to get some inspiration. Take a look at the latest styles and imagine wearing it. Afterward, try to find a similar dress in a store and see if it works. Further, try to find a dress that complements your body type.

Dressing For Your Body Type

Individuals with a pear-shape should go for dresses with a fitted top and a fuller-skirt. Further, slender girls can get away with wearing a dress with a prominent waist. What better way to show off a slender waist?

Full-length ball gowns tend to swallow up petite ladies. Therefore, consider trying a shorter skirt to make the legs appear longer. In addition, empire-waist lines are ideal for those with a few extra pounds around the middle. The dress draws attention upwards and no one is the wiser.

Play around with a couple of hairstyles in advance of the big day. Indeed, make sure the hair complements the dress. Moreover, remember to have fun on the big day.

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