How to Spot the Signs of Asphalt Roof Repair in Lakewood, CO

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Roofing

Homeowners who know how to spot the signs of a bad roof get faster repairs and don’t need an emergency roof replacement. In this post, learn more about how to tell when a roof isn’t doing its job and when to call for asphalt roof repair in Lakewood, CO.

Asphalt Granules Clog the Gutters

If asphalt granules have built up inside the gutters, clogging the system, don’t ignore this issue. This type of buildup is a sure sign that the roof needs repair. What’s happening is the asphalt shingles are breaking down and no longer doing their best job protecting the roof’s underlayers.

Discolored Shingles

Shingles should maintain their color for many years. If some swatches are considerably lighter, this indicates UV damage and means they might not be as thick as they once were. Consult with a roofer to find out if the discoloration is something to worry about and what repairs should be made.

Missing Shingles or Flashing

Shingles and flashing aren’t for decorative purposes. These are vital components to the roof’s construction and should be replaced if they’re damaged or missing. Flashing keeps leaks from forming around rooftop plumbing vents and chimneys.

Inspect the Roof Often for Damage

The best way to spot roof damage is to inspect the roof frequently. Homeowners should always do this after storms, but spotting damage from the ground isn’t always easy. That’s roofers recommend professional roof inspections.

Homeowners who think they need asphalt roof repair in Lakewood, CO should reach out to their local roofers to schedule an inspection.

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