A properly functioning air conditioner is essential in keeping your home cool and comfortable. However, there are times when your AC may not be able to work optimally. During these times, you need to seek for the services of a technician to help with your AC repairs in Concord, NC Common symptoms for calling in a technician are discussed below.

Water Leakage

Water leakage of your air conditioner’s indoor unit should be a cause for alarm. A leaking AC could be as a result of numerous causes. It could be an indicator of a broken condenser pump or a blocked drain hole. These two conditions require that you contact your repair personnel to assist you. However, if the temperature is too cold outside, then there are chances of your AC leaking. Do not be alarmed in such events.


Although some air conditioners such as the window AC may run noisily, it is important to note if the noise level goes up. Excessive noise could be as a result of system issues like loose or disconnected parts. Whenever you notice a change in the noise levels, always get specialist so that your AC can be checked out.

Weakened Flow

Most air conditioners have the ability to operate at different fan speeds. However, when you realize that your air conditioner has a weakened air flow, then your need to get someone to check on it. Blocked filters are the main cause of a weakened air flow. A specialist will let you know whether you can clean the filters and reuse or replace them. Additionally this problem could be related to the unit’s air blower and must be checked in case the filters turn out to be fine.

Warm Air

When your air conditioner starts blowing warm air, then there must be something wrong. Ideally, an air conditioner is meant to keep the room temperatures cool and eliminate any humidity. Such cases require that you get it repaired. In most cases, this problem is usually associated with a depleted coolant. However, there may be other serious problems.

It is essential to seek AC repairs in Concord, NC when any of these problems occurs. To get professionals who will be able to assist you in fixing any AC problems, visit www.airdynamicsms.com

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