Home improvements are popular in Omaha, and replacing windows is especially common. Window replacement in Omaha is one of the most affordable major upgrades and provides a number of important benefits for the money. New windows can instantly improve curb appeal and help to lower utility bills. Modern replacement windows also include features that make homes safer and healthier.

Window Replacement Projects Are Excellent Investments

The National Association of Realtors estimates that replacing old windows can net homeowners a 78% return on their investments. A window upgrade also provides a variety of important benefits in a single project. Window replacement in Omaha instantly improves curb appeal, which increases home values. New windows improve function and add protection from severe weather. Many can reduce noise, making home interiors much quieter. There are also styles that need little care to remain beautiful, so they reduce home maintenance.

Replacement Windows Can Minimize Energy Use

Exchanging old windows for modern, well-insulated styles has a huge impact on home energy use. Most older windows are single-pane and are the points where most heated and cooled air is lost. They offer little protection against severe outdoor temperatures. Manufacturers like Pella offer a range of insulated windows designed to correct these problems and reduce energy costs. Exterior contractors often describe the benefits of energy-saving windows on a company website. They invite clients to visit the website and compare a variety of products.

Changing Windows Can Protect People and Property

Replacement windows can also include protective features. Many are made using tempered glass that is designed for safety. Unlike traditional glass, which can splinter into many pieces, tempered window glass breaks into chunks. That eliminates dangerous shards. Some glass also includes a polymer that holds it together, which can discourage intruders. New windows that filter the sun’s UV rays also protect home residents from skin damage. They can also help prevent carpets and furniture from fading.

Window replacement is a popular home improvement project because it offers an excellent return on investment. New windows can also make homes more energy efficient. In addition, windows can provide protection from broken glass as well as UV filters that protect residents and home interiors from sun damage.

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