How You Can Use Play Tents for Kids to Encourage Imaginative Play

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Home and Garden

Seeing your child happy is one of the best feelings in the world, which is why it’s sometimes incredibly easy to go overboard on buying them gifts. There are so many amazing children’s toys currently on the market right now, many employing advanced technology and digital displays to capture our children’s attention. Although toys like this can certainly be fine for our children in small measures, there’s also a time and place for more creative play. Read on for some ways to use play tents for kids to encourage imaginative play into your children’s lives.

What is Imaginative Play?
Imaginative play is basically when children role-play and act out various experiences they’ve had or that are of interest to them. It allows them to experiment with decision-making and practice social skills. In fact, to fully absorb the experiences they have on a daily basis, they must engage in imaginary play. It can help them learn important skills like dressing themselves, cooperating with others, and problem solving.

Giving Them the Space to Play
One of the most critical aspects of imaginative play is giving your children a designated space to do so. Play tents for kids are perfect places for acting out scenarios. One of the great things about imaginative play is that it never gets old. Switch up the space by adding new props or toys to the tents and fuel your kids’ imagination.

Props and Toys
As mentioned, props and toys are crucial for imaginative play. Stock your child’s tent with simple items to spark the imagination like boxes, toilet paper rolls, and dress up boxes full of scarves, old shirts, and shoes. You can, of course, add specific toys like fake kitchen appliances or fake bandages to allow your kid to transform their tent into a home kitchen or doctor’s office.

Be a Playmate
Kids love playing with their parents, so get involved and play along! If your child brings you a “cup of tea,” make sure to drink it. This playtime can be full of smiles and fun. If you share an interest in what they’re doing, they’re likely to keep doing it.

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