One of the big advantages in printing your own custom flags is the options in shapes, sizes, styles, and designs. These options allow you to design and select a custom flag that will display, communicate and highlight just what you need.

Ideally, the custom flag printing service will provide specific information to assist anyone in developing the custom flag they require. This will include information on the types and formats of files that can be uploaded, the minimum and maximum size of the files as well as areas on the flag that can be used and those that cannot be printed.

Consider Graphic Services

When using a custom flag printing, remember, the flag design will ultimately be up to you. If you are not comfortable working with graphics, or if you require a special design, try a company that offers graphic services.

This will allow you to provide information to the graphics team at the custom flag printing service. They will then complete everything from the design, typesetting, importing of graphics and for a complete layout of the flag. While there is typically a flat rate for these services, it is also a simple way to quickly get the perfect design.

Your Own Design

For an existing design, or if a new design is developed and sent to the printing service, here are a few quick checks before approving the final copy:

  • Colors – do the colors provide a clear, crisp contrast that allows the text and the images to stand out from the background?
  • Balance – is the text and the image in balance and are they easy to read and identify on the flag based on size and shape?
  • Message – is the central message of the flag the most visible aspect of the design or is it lost and difficult to spot?

Always review these issues with the custom flag design before sending off your files and providing final approval for the printing project.

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