If you Have a Fifth Grade Student and you Are Looking for an Alternative Schooling Situation in Arizona?

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Education

You have a child in the fifth grade of elementary school. He is not succeeding in his studies in the school which he attends. You have tried everything from parent-teacher conferences to private tutors and more. Nothing at all seems to be working. You know it is time to look for alternatives. What can you do to ensure that in whatever setting you place him, he will succeed?

Your child has tested out to show that he is especially gifted and talented and the school in which you had him previously did little to nothing to accommodate his needs. Now the institution to which you will send him has to assure you that that can meet his needs.

You feel strongly that since you pay your taxes you want to send him to a school that charges no extra fees like tuition. You want a program that allows for online enrollment for 5th-grade students in Arizona.

Since your son was bullied a great deal in his previous school, you want to find a place that has a strong anti-bullying policy and that enforces that policy in all cases.

You agree with the policy for students to wear uniforms because that equalizes all students and what they wear. You believe that to be a very good thing.

You want a program that aligns with the Arizona College Prep standards. Your child will definitely go on to a specialized high school program that also will prepare him for academic success.

You can do research to find a school that provides the best online enrollment for 5th-grade students in Arizona.

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