All it takes to locate a company that makes roofing and siding their specialty is finding some extremely satisfied customers. When the home or office building is in need of a roof, only the best materials and the best company will do. After all, customers want their new roof to meet all their expectations as to attractiveness, plus they’re not planning on having another one installed for at least 25 years. Because of that amount of time, it’s wise to choose a roofing material and color that’s very well liked. Today, every color is popular, from the blue, green, and red metal roofs, to the neutral colors of olive, brown, and gray.

Customizing Roofs for Clients

Shingle Roofs are still installed for homeowners all over the country. They’re cost efficient, last through 25 years and are beautiful. One Shingle Roofing Contractor in Port Washington NY has been offering affordable shingle installations through three generations. They’re a family-owned company with over 90 years experience in the roofing industry. Through the years, other roofing materials, such as slate or metal roofs have emerged, and grown in popularity with clients.

New Roofing Plus Gutters and Siding

Besides installing various types of roofs for customers, A shingle roofing contractor in Port Washington NY may also install siding, along with gutters and leaders. They ask their potential customers to click the “Contact us” link on the website to view a photo gallery of work they’re very proud of completing for satisfied clients.

Taking Time With Customers

Roofing contractors know they must take time with their customers, and treat them as though they’re the only one they’re working for right now. They know they can’t have their minds on other homeowners at the same time because their job will show it. Every customer wants special treatment, and when they receive great customer service, they’re going to give a shout out about their satisfaction, so others know about it.

Commercial and Residential Services

If the time has come to replace the old roof on a home or business, give one of the contractors located nearby a call. They’ll take the time to explain their work, offer a free estimate and won’t be in a rush for a quick answer.

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