Each year, vehicle fires cause loss and damage to a lot of off-road, commercial, and industrial vehicles. These fires result in a loss of investment, valuable human resource, and productive time. The fires usually occur in vehicles with searing exhaust manifolds and high-pressure hydraulic systems.

Vehicles powered by flammable gases and other combustible substances are especially prone to vehicle fires. Such vehicles benefit from the installation of Vehicle Fire Suppression in Mason City IA.

Causes of Vehicle Fires

The vehicles used in most industries are continually exposed to long operating hours and demanding conditions. This makes them susceptible to vehicle fires. Some of the common causes of vehicle fires include

*      Fuel line breaks

*     Electrical shorts

*     Failure of the hydraulic lines.

Functions of Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Vehicle fire suppression systems are designed to protect equipment from fire-related damage. They are mostly used in the heavy equipment mobile segment. These fire suppression systems are calibrated and tailored to the parameters of a specific machine.

Safety Features

Most of the vehicle fire suppression systems are broken down into three stages which are actuation, detection, and distribution. Vehicle fire suppression systems are vital safety features that are commonly installed in vehicles used in mining, landfill, agricultural, mass transit, and forestry industries.


Vehicle fire suppression systems are installed to give vehicle operators and passengers enough time to safely evacuate the vehicle. It also allows enough time for other measures to be performed to save the vehicle from severe fire damage and equipment downtime.

Applications of Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Some of the many applications of vehicle fire suppression systems include:

 *    Mining equipment and vehicles

*    Refuse trucks

*    Buses

*    Motorhomes

*    Haulers and loaders

*    Landfill equipment

*    Construction equipment

*    Forestry vehicles

*    Off-road equipment

*    Agricultural equipment

Firms that install these systems usually assess the vehicle to identify likely fire hazards. They build a customized suppression system that is specifically tailored to suit the vehicle’s design. This ensures that the vehicle has the best protection possible.

Individuals and business owners who want to enjoy the benefits of installing Vehicle Fire Suppression in Mason City IA should contact Iowa Fire Control Mason City IA. They provide customized vehicle fire suppression systems for all kinds of heavy equipment.

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