Actuators are commonly used in different kinds of machines that are used for controlling a mechanism, such as operating a valve. The simplest form of the actuator is completely mechanical in nature, and linear motion is used to create a rotary motion. However, most types of actuators are electrically powered nowadays. In larger machines, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators might be used. In certain machines, a custom-fabricated rotary actuator might have to be installed. Because of the constant motion produced by the component, it can wear out quite often. As a result, you might require a replacement actuator for the machinery in your house.


Because of the custom specifications and measurements of most actuators, you might have to contact a metal fabrication company to get a custom-designed rotary actuator in Florida. There are several types of power actuators, the most common of which include the stepper motor, the servomotor, and the ultra-lightweight actuator that combines a memory wife for smoother performance. When you contact any company for a new actuator, you might be asked to provide the broken component for accurate measurements.


Because of its versatile design, the rotary actuator can be used in a variety of applications. As mentioned above, it is a common component found in most industrial machines. The power output of the actuator can vary considerably, ranging from a zero power actuator to full-sized actuators that are used for operating valves in petrochemical industries, as well as in civil engineering projects for operating dams or sluice gates. If you are in the market for buying valves, actuators, or any other type of component for the machines used in your factory, you should contact Reliant Engineering Products. The company’s helpline is 904-374-1768, and they are available during business hours.

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