There are many things that cause teeth discoloration. These include poor dental hygiene which leads to plaque formation, taking dark pigmented drinks such as coffee, wine and coke and lifestyle choices such as smoking. When you have teeth that are either discolored or stained, talking in public and dealing with other people becomes a very difficult and embarrassing task. But now, all thanks to the new cosmetic dental procedures, it is possible to achieve Teeth Whitening in Wenonah. Here are the things that you need to know about the process of teeth whitening.

Choosing between in office and at home whitening

There are two choices that are available for any person that wants to whiten their teeth. These include the in office whitening processes and the at home procedures. Here are some of the reasons most people choose the process carried out at the dental clinic.

  • The process will bring about visible result with as little as one visit to the dental practitioner. The bleaches that are used by the dentist have a whitening power that is several times stronger than the average whiteners.
  • The process will be carried out in a safe manner that will not have side effects such as the teeth becoming overly sensitive or developing the permanent bluish staining.
  • In case the staining runs deep, the dentist will have other alternatives such as micro-abrasions and application of white light in the whitening process.

These are some of the reasons you should allow the process to be carried out in the office of a general dentist as opposed to using the at home gels, pastes and stripes.

Maintaining white teeth

As mentioned, frequent bleaching interferes with the strength of the teeth. The repeated process of bleaching the teeth also discolors the teeth permanently. This is the reason you should avoid the staining as opposed to trying to deal with it after it has happened. Good diet, regular brushing and flowing will help maintain the natural luster of the teeth.

These are the important things to know about Teeth Whitening in Wenonah. For further details about the process of whitening the teeth, go to

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