The property that surrounds a building can encourage people to stop by a business if the land has been cared for and has an attractive appearance. Overgrown branches, weeds, and brown grass can ruin the overall effect that a business owner is trying to attain. The landscaping tips below can be used to transform a piece of property.

Prune Trees And Shrubs

Tree branches that are overgrown may be heavy and at risk of breaking when it is windy outdoors. Long branches are likely to block sunlight and prevent other branches from thriving. A pair of pruning shears can be used to remove excess weight and provide trees with a symmetrical shape.

Before trimming branches, each tree should be assessed to determine which branches need to be pruned. Dead leaves and damaged branches should be removed from shrubs that are growing nearby. A layer of mulch or gravel can be placed around the base of each tree or shrub and will improve drainage.

Use A Sprinkler System And Cut Grass

If grass does not receive enough water, blades may turn brown and die. A sprinkler system can be used to provide a lawn with water on a consistent basis. A sprinkler system that can be programmed will make it possible to water a lawn during times that a business owner is busy and will not be able to complete the task themselves.

A lawnmower should be used to cut the grass every few weeks so that grass blades are the same length. A nontoxic weed prevention product can be applied to a lawn to block weeds from growing. A product should be dispersed evenly across a lawn.

Add Decorations

Decorations can be used to enhance parts of a lawn. A basic water fountain, birdbath, pond or gazing ball will beautify an outdoor area. If a water feature is being added, water purifying tablets or a water pump can be used to keep water clean. If a birdbath is going to be added to an outdoor area, bird feeders or a birdhouse can be hung from a tree limb to assist with attracting birds.

Bluemel’s Garden Center or another company that employs landscapers in Waukesha, WI can be contacted to inquire about landscaping projects and materials. Landscapers in Waukesha, WI will help individual care for their property on a routine basis and will recommend products that can help a property owner complete a landscaping project.

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