Long before home builders began using wall to wall carpeting to cover a floor people used floor throws and area rugs. They were typically placed in areas where family and friends congregated or areas where people would be seated. In some instances the rug was used to sit on. At this point in time most rugs were hand woven with very intricate designs. This unique style made them a collectible item for any well decorated home with many pieces going to wealthy families as part of a lavish decorating style. Eventually, rugs fell out of style as decorating trends changed, but they have never lost their unique flair for giving any room a special touch.

Because decorating trends tend to change, the desire for antique area rugs is growing again, but it can be difficult to find an affordable rug that suits your taste and is in good repair. The solution may be to find the rug you like and take it to someone that specializes in antique rug restoration in New York City. There are many steps in rug repair and much of the work will depend on the current problems your rug has. If portions of the rug are missing or the binding is broken the repair may require reweaving. Another touchy repair is collecting the right wool for your rug. Matching old wool takes extra effort because the dyes have faded and freshly colored wool would make the repairs quite obvious. To avoid these problems the craftsman may prefer to reuse wool from slightly aged rugs so the colors will blend better.

There is a lot of skill required for antique rug restoration in New York City. It takes a master craftsman to ensure the repairs fit the original rug without making the repair look obvious. To this end, antique rug repair facilities such as The Golden Horn employ highly experienced craftsmen to ensure every project is restored properly. As part of their job they pass their knowledge to the next generation of weavers and repair persons. Rug repairs can cover a variety of issues such as reweaving holes in the rug, repairing rips or tears and replacing the binding. Some rugs may need resizing, repairs for moth damages, removal of water stains and restoration from fire damage.

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