The one sure thing about glass replacement is that it will never happen at a convenient time. It is fortunate that, in the modern era, windshield glass can withstand a crack or a chip for a time. However, as Beltway Auto & Plate Glass recommends, that does not mean a repair can be put off forever.

When Repair Or Replacement Is Necessary

With today’s auto and truck windshields, minor damage like a spider crack or a small chip can be endured until a repair can be effected. A defect of less than an eighth of an inch such as a chip or a crack of around two inches that is close to an edge is easily repairable with a standard epoxy resin and is likely to hold up to normal use.

When auto Glass Replacement in Silver Spring MD becomes necessary is when the resulting chip is larger than an eighth of an inch or, more critically, when that chip or a crack crosses the field of vision. This is when safe driving can be compromised due to the distortions caused by the defect. A large chip or crack will almost certainly require a new windshield since the glass itself is no longer a completely integrated unit and could give away under any additional pressure or damage.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that the windshield and the other windows are actual components of the vehicle’s structural integrity. Modern auto glass is thick enough to provide some degree of support for the roof in the event of a rollover and is a part of the auto body framing. This is why a damaged windshield or back window can compromise the vehicle’s safety in accident situations.

Severity Of Damage

Any crack or chip within the direct line of sight of the driver will likely prompt an immediate replacement of the windshield. Cracks showing signs of branching out and spreading further also require replacement, since the glass itself is compromised beyond hope of repair at that point. Glass Replacement in Silver Spring MD will certainly be necessary if the hit to the windshield is simply too large for any small repair to alleviate. Click Here for more information.

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