Independent Auto Repair Shops Offer Value And Convenience

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Automotive

There are a number of things a wise vehicle owner must be aware of; when to take his or her car into for service and repair and who to take it too. Other than doing it yourself, there are really only two options; take the car to a dealership or take it an independent that is well known for doing the high-quality auto repair in Tinley Park. There are differences between the two, primarily on cost. A dealership will certainly perform any needed service or repairs well, but at a high price. Once you have found a competent, independent repair shop, you can rest assured that the work will be done just as well, but the price will be lower.

The business focus is different:

Independents that do an auto repair in Tinley Park concentrate all their efforts on doing just that; auto repair. Dealerships offer service, but their primary focus is selling new and used cars. Independent shops possess the same equipment and use the same technology, but they have lower overhead which results in lower prices for the same repair.

Although a new car purchased from a dealer comes with a warranty, it is not necessary for you, as the owner, to have service and repairs done where you bought the car. A professional independent shop can undertake the work without having any affect on the vehicle warranty.


In the majority of communities, there is only one dealership authorized to sell a specific car. This being the case there may very well be a waiting period before they can accommodate you. If you need repairs done quickly, if they cannot fit you in there really is nothing you can do but wait. This is not the case with independents; there are a number of them that are qualified to perform the work that needs doing.

Chances are you will never meet the mechanics that work for a dealership. This is not the case when you take your car to an independent shop, you will meet the mechanic and over time build a relationship that is beneficial to all.

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