Information for Homeowners Regarding Options for Fences in Cleveland OH

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Fencing

For many homeowners, their home is not complete until it has the fence. There are nearly as many choices in material, style, and configurations of Fences in Cleveland OH as there are homes. Determining if you need to contain pets, define the property line, want privacy, or provide decoration, makes the choice clearer.

When considering style and material for Fences in Cleveland, there are a few that are the most popular. In no particular order, they include wood, aluminum, vinyl, chainlink, and wrought iron. Some have a traditional use, but others have been adapted for other purposes, with beautiful results.

*      Wood -; The most widely chosen fencing, wood offers a variety of styles, heights, and species. Species used include red cedar, pine, cypress, and redwood. Wooden fences fill the need for privacy quite effectively when choosing shadow box or solid styles. Other popular styles include post and rail, picket, basket weave, and stockade. Wooden fences are fairly inexpensive but do require regular painting or staining to look their best.

*      Aluminum -; The perfect choice when strength or security is not the priority, but rather as a decoration. It costs less than wrought iron and practically maintenance free. Used as an ornamental or decorative fence to enclosed a garden, or even a swimming pool, it offers an elegant solution.

*      Vinyl -; One of the most economical Fences in Cleveland OH is vinyl or PVC fencing. It is an exceptional substitute for wood, where both privacy and durability are needed, but at a substantial savings. Practically any design of fence can be found -; picket, solid, basket weave, post and rail, and more. Vinyl fencing is available in varying heights and dozens of color choices, click here to browse the options. It is unrivaled in its longevity, maintenance-free, rust, rot, and insect-proof, and never fades.

*      Chainlink -; A once-ubiquitous fencing material for homes everywhere, mainly because it was the only fencing offered, it is now used mostly in commercial settings, parks, ball fields, and industrial properties. It does not offer privacy but is durable, strong, and available in varying grades.

When it comes to Fences in Cleveland OH, and their installation, a homeowners best bet is to have the work done professionally. Installation is more involved than simply digging a hole and dropping a post in the ground. Permits often need to be obtained, as well as local codes that must be adhered to, and avoiding buried utilities.

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