Insurance Agency Dispels Myths About the Obamacare Health Insurance in Macon, GA

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Insurance

One of the most outstanding plans that have been rolled out in the Obama administration is the Affordable Health Care. Because the plan is so lengthy, there are bound to be a lot of misinformation surrounding it. An insurance agency that offers Obamacare Health Insurance in Macon GA takes the time to answer questions about the Obama Health Care plan. Some people are not getting an insurance plan because of not really understanding their options. There are a lot of myths surrounding the plan, and some of these are addressed in this article.

• The biggest myth is that people are required to purchase insurance. This is far from the truth. There are incentives given for getting health insurance, but the individual can elect to simply pay a fine instead.

• Another thing that people fail to understand is that not everyone is actually eligible to purchase insurance under the Affordable Health Care. Some people do not make enough money, and may be of the group that falls under Medicaid. The fact that the name is “Affordable” misleads a lot of people.

• Some people erroneously believe they must give up their employer-provided insurance and purchase insurance under the Affordable Health Care. Actually, this is just an option. If the employee finds that he or she can get a better deal through Obamacare, that is his or her prerogative.

• Some people are concerned about having to change their doctors under Obamacare. The fact is the health plan they choose will determine whether or not they keep their same doctors. The consumer can shop around until they find a plan that accommodates his or her doctor.

The Stone Insurance Agency Inc. has over three decades of experience to assist customers in insurance services. The open enrollment period for the Obamacare goes from November 1st to January 31st. Customers are encouraged to call their insurance providers or agencies to get the best possible deals. The insurance agency also offers group insurance, as well as individual insurance solutions.

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