Cremation has very quickly become a favored way of disposing of the remains of a deceased love one. There are many reasons that this is so but, before those subjects are broached, here are some interesting facts about cremation Middletown.

• The heat that is required to cremate the remains is very intense. In fact, the temperature reaches into the range of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. The substance that fuels the fire is natural gas, which acts to rid the remains of the organic compounds that are mixed in.

• One reason that cremation has exploded in popularity is the fact that cremation is approximately 75% less expensive than a traditional funeral is. In these days of cost-conscious everything, funerals are no exception.

• It is a pervasive misconception that ashes are contained in the urn. What is actually in the urn is the ground bones of the deceased. After undergoing the process of being exposed to extreme heat, the bones are finely ground by a special machine. It is these ground bones that are given to the decedent’s family or loved ones, not ashes of the body.

• At one point in time, there were vicious rumors of bodies being stacked in crematory ovens by unscrupulous funeral homes. However, this is simply not possible due to the fact the ovens are only big enough to fit one body at a time.

• Cremation Middletown does not take very long. In fact, the entire body of an average-sized person can be fully cremated in two to three hours. This is because the heat remains so high during the entire process.

• The remains that are given back to the family or loved ones tend to weigh a bit more than the family members are expecting. Family members are often surprised that the remains, or cremains, as they are technically known as, generally weigh between six and eight pounds. For the sake of comparison, this is about the weight of a small bowling ball.

Visit the website for more information regarding cremation and to inquire if it is the right solution for end-of-life needs. It is always best to have those final plans already considered.

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