A long-distance move takes a great deal of planning. Individuals who must undergo this process often turn to a long distance moving service in Fort Myers FL to make it easier, as the movers will be of great help with the planning and logistics. However, certain things must be done by the person who is moving, even when the company will be packing up the home and doing most other tasks. For example, a person must inventory their household goods to ensure all items make it to the new location.

Why an Inventory Is Needed

Accidents can happen at any time. Even the most reputable moving company can find the items are stolen or damaged as they transport them across the country. Although a reputable mover has insurance to cover losses of this type, the client must have an itemized list of what is missing in order to file an insurance claim. Furthermore, having this information helps to speed the processing of the claim, which can be of importance when everyday household items don’t make it to the new destination.

How to Inventory Household Goods

It is easy to inventory household goods when packing boxes. As an item is put into the box, the person writes down a description of it, and the more detailed the information is, the better it will be if an insurance claim must be filed. Do not put the list inside the box, however. It is best to keep the lists separate. It may be helpful to keep the list taped to the outside of the box until the day before the move though. If an item needs to be retrieved, finding it will be easy with these lists. Make copies of the lists also, so there is a backup if something does go wrong.

Schedule an appointment with a Long Distance Moving Service in Fort Myers FL to determine if they are right for your needs. When meeting with the service, ask how they recommend you inventory household goods. They can provide additional advice in this area and may even have an app to make the process easier for you. It never hurts to ask.

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