Have you wanted your teeth to be straighter, but do not want metal braces? If you are not interested in wearing metal braces, you are not alone. Many people do not like the site a smile that is filled with shiny silver or colored brackets that look like a rainbow.

Traditional metal braces cause patients a lot of discomfort when the brackets rub on the inside of the mouth and a bump to the mouth can cause immediate pain. In addition to the pain factor, metal braces are unsightly and require a lot of time to cleaning and maintaining. With the help of invisalign in Indianapolis IN, an individual will have straighter teeth without all of the hassles.

How Can The Teeth Move Without Wires Pulling Them Into Position?

Thanks to new technology, Invisalign will move an individual’s teeth into the correct position with custom-designed aligners. These aligners have the same ability as metal braces. The biggest benefit of Invisalign is an individual can straighten their teeth without the pain and hassle that metal braces will cause.

How Does One Aligner Straighten All Of The Teeth

When an individual chooses to use Invisalign in Indianapolis IN, they will receive a series of retainers to wear for two weeks at a time. They will be custom made for the patient’s teeth. Each retainer will make minor changes to move the teeth into the correct position. The retainers are made of clear plastic and are virtually undetectable.

What Types Of Conditions Can Invisalign Help?

Invisalign can fix teeth that are crooked, protruding, overcrowded, have wide gaps, overbites, underbites, and malocclusions. The only time an individual needs to remove the aligner is when they are eating, brushing, or flossing. When an individual has metal braces, it can take them a lot of extra time to remove the food particles that are stuck in their braces.

You can receive a free consultation with an experienced dentist and choose from multiple payment options. Many people will never notice that you are wearing aligners to straighten your teeth and soon all of your teeth will be the way you have always wanted. For more information, please browse our website.

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