Is Couples Counseling Right For Us?

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Health

Even couples who seem to be able to handle anything could use some help now and then. If you and your partner are at a point that the way forward is not clear, it makes sense to look into the idea of couples counseling Minneapolis. Here are three examples of situations that could benefit from the support offered by an objective counselor.

You Seem to Be Drifting in Opposite Directions

Over the last few years, it seems as if the two of you spend more time apart. It didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it was so incremental that it’s only recently that both of you realized how little common ground there seems to be these days. Even so, neither of you are willing to give up on the relationship. There’s a good chance that some couples counseling Minneapolis will help the two of you find ways to regain that sense of closeness while also continuing to enjoy the hobbies and activities that mean so much to each of you.

The Kids Are Gone and There’s Nothing to Talk About

Couples with kids understand how easy it is to build everything around them. That may work while the kids are still at home, but what happens when they’re finished with college and on their own?

If you and your partner are in the process of rediscovering one another with the kids out of the house, counseling can be a huge help. Workshops, couples weekends, or even weekly counseling sessions will go a long way toward helping both of you remember why you got together in the first place.

Trust is Lost and You’re Not Sure How to Get It Back

One or both of you made choices that left the other devoid of any trust. How do you bounce back from that? Assuming both of you want to move past those events and learn to trust one another again, couples counseling Minneapolis is a good place to start. Things won’t be resolved overnight. It will take commitment and hard work. In the best-case scenario, those trust issued will be in the past and the two of you can move forward together.

Are you at a point in your relationship that some counseling would help? The team at River Ridge is ready to help. Visit to learn more about what we have to offer. Contact us to arrange a consultation. Doing so could be the first step toward helping your relationship be stronger than ever.

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