When you make the telephone call to request raccoon removal in Fairfax, VA, you may wonder why raccoons have decided to live in your property. It could be that they used to live in the forest that was leveled to provide your home and because individuals provide garbage and waste, which is food for raccoons, they may have returned to reclaim their previous home.

Raccoons may carry the bacteria, leptospirosis, which can easily be spread from their urine into water and soil around your property. This disease can exist for months. It is dangerous to both humans and your pets. Raccoons roundworm and rabies are further potential dangers that may now exist around your yard.

How We Make Good Homes for Raccoons

What we have done, is to make great living arrangements for raccoons. Our homes, especially garages and loft space, provide warmth and quiet and good areas for raising baby raccoons. We provide sufficient food and water so that raccoons can succeed. We have taken away their need to hunt to stay alive.

The installation in our roof space is extremely comfortable, and because they are free from the weather elements, they are clear from predators and are completely protected.

Nevertheless, the mess that raccoons leave on your property and yard is potentially dangerous, both to humans and your pets. You may not easily hear raccoons in your attic, but you may begin to see their feces around your property which then requires raccoon removal in Fairfax, VA.

Do Not Approach Raccoons

Because your home is now their home, they may become defensive and try to attack if you invade their living space. It is very difficult for an untrained individual to remove a family of raccoons safely, so that they can be transported to a new home.

Expert professionals in raccoon removal in Fairfax VA, will wear disease control equipment and a respirator to ensure they are protected from contamination. Safety gloves and glasses are required to protect the experts completing a task that untrained individuals should avoid.

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