Restaurants specializing in Indian cuisine have not yet become as prevalent in the United States as those focusing on Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, and Italian menus. Little by little, however, these establishments are becoming more numerous, especially in large cities. People who come to the District of Columbia will not have trouble finding an authentic Indian Food Restaurant in Washington DC to satisfy their cravings for this tasty cuisine.

A Brief History of U.S. Indian Restaurants

Indian restaurants didn’t start appearing in the United States in any significant numbers until the late 1960s when immigration from that country began increasing in earnest. Even in the 1980s, people in many large metropolitan areas might have only one Indian restaurant available. That’s changed to a large extent. Even smaller cities now typically feature at least one or two of these dining establishments, allowing more of the nation’s residents to try appetizers and full meals from this part of Asia.

Immigration From India

The dramatic increase in these restaurants can be explained by the corresponding increase in immigration from India to the United States. These individuals now make up one of the largest groups of U.S. residents who were born in another country, second only to those born in Mexico. They aren’t as likely to start restaurants as Mexican immigrants are, however, even though, as a group, they show plenty of entrepreneurial spirits. For example, about half of all the nation’s motels currently are owned by Indian immigrants.

Of course, not everyone who runs an Indian Food Restaurant in Washington DC is an immigrant. Some owners of Indian dining establishments are U.S. natives, born to parents who came to this country and later became permanent residents or citizens.

A Broad Range of Foods

A restaurant like Heritage India is recognized for its authentic food, friendly staff, and pleasant atmosphere. The best chefs know the cuisine of various regions of India and create menus with meals from northern and southern states as well as the coastlines. That’s especially pleasing for customers who want to learn more about the broad range of foods that people who live in India typically consume.

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