Once a home is diagnosed with a mold problem, it takes both a lot of time and money to completely remedy the situation. Hiring a Mold Prevention Service in Alexandria VA is the best way to stop mold in its tracks. Catching mold before it spreads will ensure the house remains a healthy place to live.

Locate Trouble Areas

The best way to prevent mold is to know where it likes to grow. Mold is attracted to moist, damp areas. Bathrooms and basements are often prime areas for mold spores to thrive. Eliminating stagnant water and damp surfaces will reduce the risk of mold.

A Mold Prevention Service in Alexandria VA will inspect every room of a house, looking for signs of water. Any trouble zones will be reported to the homeowner, so they can make necessary changes to the space. Once the water is gone, mold cannot grow and multiply.

Treat Mold Growth

Sometimes mold is found during a routine inspection, even if the homeowner didn’t notice it beforehand. A mold expert has special tools that analyze the air quality and locate present mold spores. Once the type of mold has been identified, a treatment plan can begin.

Even a small amount of mold needs to be aggressively treated. Mold may cause health problems, including headaches, allergies, coughing and asthma. Failure to property remove all traces of mold may result in more damage and costly treatments in the future.

Protect Valuables

Mold not only affects the structure of a house, but it can also destroy all of the items inside. Furniture, curtains and carpet are especially prone to mold damage. Even toys and clothing may attract mold. Porous materials make great hiding places for mold spores.

Having an annual mold inspection will ensure a homeowner’s personal belongings are not destroyed by mold. Since mold is usually located in the early stages during these inspections, there is less probability of a person’s valuables being affected.

No one wants to find out there is a mold problem in their home. While mold is not always completely avoidable, professional mold prevention and treatment services may lessen the amount of damage. Click Here if it’s time to schedule a preventative mold inspection.

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