Key Reasons to Retain a Libertyville Probate Lawyer for Your Estate

by | Sep 15, 2023 | Lawyer

As you near retirement age, you might think about how you want your final wishes carried out and to whom you want to bequeath your property and wealth. You may want to avoid random people laying claim to it or people you want to exclude from the estate taking any money or assets from you.

You also may want to pay taxes out of your estate and spare your beneficiaries this hassle. You can get those wishes laid out and file legal paperwork for your estate when you hire counsel like an experienced Libertyville probate lawyer to oversee it for you.

Paying Taxes

You will owe taxes out of your estate even after you pass away. The federal and state governments might have a sizable stake in your estate if you fail to leave any money set aside to cover your final tax bill.

When you have an attorney on retainer, you can find out how much money you should set aside to cover your taxes. Your lawyer can advise you on how to save that money and into what kind of account to place it. You can ensure the IRS and state do not lay claim to other assets you wish to bequeath to your survivors.

You can find out more about the legal services a Libertyville probate lawyer can offer you when you plan out your estate online. Contact Orlowsky & Wilson Ltd.

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