Know Your Home Heating System

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When the air grows chilly or your home feels damp or cool you need to be able to rely on your heating system. Today, many North American homes feature a complex and integrated heating and cooling system. The furnace is set up in a way that can challenge even the most sophisticated homeowner. If it ever breaks down, or is not running smoothly, you need to know two things: the type of system you have and the name of reliable home heating repair company.

The Basics

When you purchased the furnace or other heating system, it came with a manual. This will provide you with two important pieces of information:

1. The company that manufactured the heating system
2. The specific model that you have installed

This will provide your home heating repair technician with the basic information on the system. Since some systems are more prone to certain issues, it may also give him or her an idea of potential repair problems that may occur.

Heating systems also use different modes of obtaining heat. As an owner, you may have opted for a green model, one that burns traditional fossil fuels or operates on electricity. You may have a standard boiler or an old-fashioned boiler. Essentially, your system will fall into one of these four categories:

1. Traditional: Often consists of a simple furnace and heating ducts. The fuel options include oil or gas. They are never interchangeable. It is important to know the size and type of filters your heating system requires.
2. Radiant Baseboard Heaters: These run parallel to the baseboards, often being positioned just beneath the windows in each room. They operate on electricity.
3. Electric Heat Pump: This is another system requiring electricity to function.

Your home heating repair technician needs to know the source of energy. This will help him or her to understand what potential problems he or she may face.

One other item the technician will want to know is the age of the system. How old your heating system is will have an effect on your options. The age may even determine whether you need repair or will require a new system.

Home Heating Repair and Maintenance

By reading your manual, and doing further research online, you can learn more about potential issues that may affect the smooth operation of your heating system. Reviews on your model and system may help you take care of possible problems before they have the time to become serious. Understanding more about your system also improves your chances of distinguishing when to take care of matter on your own and when to call in the experts. You can thus save your money and not waste the time of a qualified home heating repair technician on something you could have handled on your own.

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