A lemon is the term used when a car owner purchases an automobile that does not operate properly and violates the manufacturer’s warranty. When a consumer purchases a new vehicle, they have a certain level of expectation of how well the auto will perform. To reassure the consumer and ease their mind, manufacturers offer a warranty that will cover specified repairs required. If a problem should occur, the company is allowed a reasonable amount of time to fix the issue. If the manufacturer fails to meet these obligations, lemon law lawyers near Washington can help protect their clients right and help them find a reasonable solution to the problem.

What is Considered a Lemon?

Any automobile that is unsafe for the road, decreases in value due to the defect, or a condition prevents it from operating properly is considered a lemon. The manufacturer can have 2-4 chances to repair the problem depending on the type of issue being experienced. If the company is unable to make these necessary repairs, the consumer is entitled to be compensated for the automobile. The manufacturer is responsible for repurchasing the auto or replacing it with one of equal value. In addition to a refund for any finance interest charges or payments, rental car fees, and taxes paid on the auto.

Financially Recover from Purchasing a Defective Auto

Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® offers their clients an affordable solution to filing a lemon law claim. They do not charge their clients for the services rendered until they have successfully won the case. With a claim against a manufacturer for failing to provide them with a dependable automobile, a client can request the company pay their attorney fees to prevent financial problems when trying to receive compensation for a defective automobile. Visit them online at www.yourlemonlawrights.com/washington-lemon-law

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