If you work in the world of architecture or design, you are familiar with a protective coating called Kynar®. Kynar® is the trade name for fluoropolymer (PVDF) resin. It is available in different forms depending on the product being coated. In all forms, however, the result is an incredible, fully protected finished product that is resistant to damaging factors.

Incredible Chemical Resistance
kynar® is chemical resistant that makes it the coating of choice in the chemical processing industry. As it is unaffected by heat, acids or solvents, any processing plant that deals with waste materials is, in all likelihood, using these exceptional coatings to protect the inside, as well as the exterior of their equipment. A Kynar® coating is the ultimate product to apply to the lining of pipes and tanks that contain or transfer chemical materials. Kynar® is also a common product in the defense industry, as well as the pharmaceutical and medical fields.

The Coating of Choice for Performance and Aesthetics

Kynar® plays a pivotal role in the architectural world. It is used to coat windows, doors, and siding, making them structurally strong and visually appealing. The key to Kynar®’s performance is the resin within it. It is renowned as a coating that endures the test of time and wear, making it a top choice for manufacturers who want their product to maintain strength and appearance.

Kynar® Weathers the Storm

When metal is finished with a Kynar® coating, it is given new life with color that won’t fade or chip. There are a wide variety of colors available and several gloss levels from which to choose. Kynar® is one of the only coatings to withstand nature’s unpredictable elements. It has the unique ability to look freshly coated for an impressive amount of time. It can also resist fire and self-extinguishes.

Top Reasons to Choose Kynar® to Coat Your Product:

* It is decorative and functional

* It protects metals against humidity

* It protects against oxidation

* It has good acid, heat and solvent resistance

* Resists environmental factors

* Resists abrasion

* In a fire, it emits very little smoke

* Resists mildew

With such an impressive list of attributes, it’s no wonder Kynar® is the coating of choice for many industries.

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