Families find the time they spend on Maui is both pleasant and memorable, especially when they are able to spend time at places like Lahaina, which is home to the famous Front Street route. Front Street offers plenty in the way of restaurants and shopping, including ice cream shops and fine seafood dining. Many, as you might guess, are supported by a tropical theme.

Enjoy a Picnic Lunch or Go Paddleboarding

While in Lahaina, you may also want to enjoy a picnic lunch at Launiupoko Beach Park. Lahaina activities for families at the beach also include participation in such popular local water sports as surfing and paddle boarding. In addition, you and the kids might want to stop by an 1831-built fort, which was previously constructed and designed for defense in the area. Its reconstructed ruins feature original cannons and still-sizable walls.

Lahaina’s a Great Place to Watch the Whales

Lahaina was once a whaling port as well, which also means you can watch whales near the area during the winter months. One whaler museum that was housed in a unique building in Lahaina was the Carthaginian II – redrawn and built from a whaling vessel that was operational in the 1800s. The whaling museum was situated dockside for 25 years, from 1980 to 2005, just across from Lahaina’ Pioneer Inn Hotel.

A Vessel Retired to the Seaside

Unfortunately, the steel hull of the vessel suffered corrosion damage and had to be retired underwater, about ½ mile from the beach at Lahaina. The museum ship is now utilized as a scuba diving site and attraction – another one of the interesting Lahaina activities for families.

The Pacific Version of the New Orleans’ Mardi Gras

Families like visiting Lahaina during Halloween, as it is a major event. In fact, it has been a focal celebration during the past 20+ years. Crowds averaging around 25,000 people visit Front Street to view the Keiki Parade, which starts with children dressed in Halloween costumes followed by costumed adult participants. Even though it isn’t lent, the event is called the “Mardi Gras of the Pacific.” Autumn is also a time to visit Lahaina if you like basketball.

Cheering in the Victor

Families who visit Lahaina can watch early-season college basketball games too. The area also plays host to the Vic-Mau Yacht Race, or the tail end of it. The lengthiest offshore race of its kind on the West Coast begins in Vancouver and ends in Lahaina.

Family-oriented Pastimes

In the waters and area close to Lahaina, families can find plenty of interesting and fun activities in the form of whale watching, biking, fishing and snorkeling. A petting zoo on Lahaina draws plenty of visitors, young and old alike. Whale watching takes place in the winter months, and swimming-with-the-dolphins excursions are available as well.

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