The art of land surveying has been around since ancient times. Once performed with little more than ropes and the human eye, surveying has become an exact science that uses the most cutting-edge tools and technology available.

Modern Tools for a Thoroughly Modern Task

Today’s surveyor is as much a student of science and technology as geography. Wherever you see land surveying equipment for sale, you’ll see a wide array of software alongside GPS and Bluetooth-enabled devices. Some of the most common tools of the modern trade include:

  • Theodolite – This is one of the more specialized tools in the world of land surveying. Models of theodolites are tailored to their intended tasks and how the individual surveyor or company performs them. Some examples include half and full theodolites, robotic models, travel-ready types and even mining-specialized varieties.
  • EDM – The electronic distance measurement device does much of the legwork once left to surveying professionals in measuring distances. Capable of covering terrain that human feet might find difficult to measure accurately, these devices work in tandem with the theodolite to perform the backbone tasks of surveying. Increasingly, these two devices are integrated to create the total station, another standby in modern surveying.
  • Software – The modern land surveyor would be nowhere without the software that enables them to collect, catalog, analyze and share the data they collect. What once took many hours now takes a matter of seconds with this specialized programming. Most retailers who offer land surveying equipment for sale also sell specialty software to work alongside it.

Moving Ever-Forward Toward the Future

Land surveying is a rare case; while it has been around as a job or profession since the dawn of recorded history, it also continues to be relevant and in-demand at present. Future building projects will continue to require the services of surveyors, and the science remains of vital importance to the future of the scientific community. As long as humanity keeps building outward and upward, there will be a need for this time-tested task and technologically-advanced tools to help get the job done. Contact  fSor accurate and efficient repair of your equipment.

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