Hair loss is a frustrating problem for many people. Thinning hair happens for hereditary reasons and as people age. Laser Hair Rejuvenation West Chester PA can reverse this unwelcome natural occurrence. In this treatment, candidates regain the ability to grow their own hair.

How Laser Hair Rejuvenation is Done

It first should be understood how hair grows. Healthy hair grows in a three-stage cycle. There is the hair shaft, root, and follicle. Hair grows in the follicle. The hair extends into the root during the next stage. The follicle development is the last stage.

Hair follicles shrink when hair growth is impaired. The hair shaft gets smaller and thinner. Follicles ultimately lose the ability to produce hair when a person is suffering from hair loss.

Laser Hair Rejuvenation West Chester PA works with LED light therapy. This treatment is done with a device for the head and used at home. Worn like a helmet, the home treatment plan delivers full coverage to the scalp. It only needs to be used for about twenty-five minutes, three days a week. Notable results are seen within six weeks. Maximum results are seen within nine months.

The hair follicles absorb energy from the light of the hair rejuvenation machine. The energy distributed stimulates cell metabolism. The metabolic processes that enable hair growth are reactivated. The result is thicker, fuller hair growth.

Battling Hormone Imbalance

Hormonal changes is another problem many people experience at some point in life. It is common for some sort of hormone imbalance to occur in people over the age of thirty-five. Environmental and genetic circumstances can cause this to happen sooner than expected.

There are ways to get hormones back in gear at the BeBalanced Center. The goal is to target the affected hormones that are at the top of the list.

Progesterone is a hormone that is thrown out of balance for many women. Controlled doses of this hormone stabilize moods and relieve the symptoms of menopause and PMS.

In women over thirty-five, estrogen levels start to decline. It is the hormone responsible for ovulation and libido and nurtures many other bodily functions. Depleted levels of this hormone can cause weight gain and water retention. Natural hormone balancing programs put a lot of effort into balancing this hormone. Please browse website for additional information.

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