Good police and military dogs are not just born; they are trained in a special way. Some breeds of dogs lend themselves to police and military work better than others. The dogs have to have the right personalities and trainability to lend themselves to the right balance between obedience and aggression. The dogs must also have really good noses. Different guard, military, and police jobs require different training and talents. So, the best policy is to start with the right dog and give them the perfect training for the job they will do.

Who Needs Specially Trained Dogs

Government and military departments such as United States Department of Defense, Customs, and Border Control use well-trained dogs for bomb detection and the location of illegal drugs. Police departments and other law enforcement departments in states including Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, and others use specially trained dogs for tracking, cadaver searches, search and rescue, and other jobs.

What Kind Of Training Do Dogs Receive?

Specially bred or chosen dogs receive extensive training courses in drug detection, bomb location, cadaver searches, arson investigation, tracking and search, rescue, protection, and obedience. They can also be trained for home protection and security and suspect apprehension. The dogs are trained from an early age for the purpose their new owners will have for them.

The Breeding Program

The Dog Breeding Program in Mississippi involves dogs specially chosen for their ties to outstanding working dogs in the military and police work. Dogs with Czech and Dutch bloodlines are preferred for this breeding program at True Canine International. The best puppies from each litter are given the best training possible for their future owners.

Handler Courses And Seminars

Police Departments and Military personnel can sign up for advanced handler courses and seminars to learn how to better work with these well-trained dogs. They can also learn how to train their own dogs for future use. There are police departments and others who want to choose dogs from animal shelters and train them for a useful life. Every working dog needs correct training to succeed. Even a well-trained dog can not do their job correctly without a good handler who knows what they are doing.

People who need to be trained dogs for police work, protection, or military uses can purchase dogs from this Dog Breeding Program in Mississippi and be sure of getting the correct dog for them. For more information, Visit website.

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