Print catalogs are a great way to drive business to your website or attract new customers to find out about you online but what happens when they get to your website? What will they find there and will they be able to shop for your merchandise while they’re online? Many consumers enjoy the convenience of being able to shop from their computer, tablet, or smartphone and including a digital catalog can help you provide this for them so that they enjoy shopping with you no matter where they are.

Is Digital Right For Your Business?
You can figure this out by learning a little bit more about your customers and what they want from you. Use direct mail, e-mail campaigns, and social media to gather information about your customers and find out if they’d benefit from a digital catalog on your website.

* Find out if your customers prefer to shop online through surveys via e-mail or social media. Try to make them fun or creative by using language and pictures that may appeal to them so that they don’t feel like they’re taking just another survey.

* Conduct an analysis on previous sales and use the information to see where your customers are coming from. If they’re all local, you may benefit from going digital by being able to extend your sales reach. If you have several stores in multiple locations and your customers enjoy the customer services that they receive while inside the store, the idea may be less beneficial for you.

* Are your customers people who use the computer a lot in the first place? They might be looking at your website but why and how frequently? They could be people who’d rather have a tangible catalog and real people helping them instead of looking at a screen.

No matter the case, there are ways that going digital can benefit your business’s growth even if your current customers don’t shop online often. Learn about the ways that you can utilize every tool at your disposal, including the ones that you weren’t sure you had!

Get Help
Designing a digital catalog and making it functional for users may not be up your alley but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. There are several programs out there that will make the transition easier for you and there are services that will help you manage everything once your catalog goes live. If you know about what your customers want, the rest won’t be difficult to get done. Ask for some help from the professionals at Arandell and find out how you can add these services to your site with minimal technical expertise. Go digital and let your business flourish!

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