We all know that tuxedoes are the thing to wear to weddings to look classy, elegant, sophisticated and attractive. But tuxedoes are not just used at weddings anymore. There are many places that men can wear tuxedos in Dallas. When you need to find the perfect tuxedo for your next event the key to looking great is knowing how to pick one out.

Black Tie Means Black Tie

If you get an invitation that specifically states that it is a black tie affair, then you must show up in a tuxedo. To do anything less would be considerably rude.

Picking Out The Perfect Tuxedo

There are a few things to consider when picking out a tuxedo. Here are a few things to bear in mind when you go out shopping for a tuxedo in Dallas

1. Find the Perfect Fit – the tuxedo that you wear should be one that flatters your body shape. Men are not all the same shape and size and different cuts look better on certain men. If a man is short and stocky then he should not wear a double breasted tuxedo because it will add girth and make him look bigger. A single breasted tux is a better option and more flattering. Men who are tall and slim look nice in double breasted suits because it adds some needed bulk to their frame.

2. Don’t Skimp on the Jacket – The tuxedo jacket is an important part of the outfit. It should fit snuggly while not being too tight. A man should be able to easily move his arms but the jacket should not hang around him. It should be a nice close fit that still allows for a good range of motion. The back of the suit jacket should fall just to the bottom of the buttocks. The sleeves should come down to the wrist and not show more than a half inch of the shirt sleeves.

3. Pick the Right Pants – tuxedo pants are pretty standard in appearance. Make sure that the color of the pants matches exactly with the color of the jacket. The pants should not have cuffs on them and can either be plain in the front or pleated.

4. Get a Good Fit – any suit, no matter how expensive, will look bad if it does not properly fit the man who is wearing it. This is why it is important to get a professional to help ensure that you get a good fitting suit that will be functional and flattering.

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